Abigail Williams Manipulation

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In the Salem witch trials, many people have died due to another individual. In the play, The Crucible by Arthur Miller, many characters carry the weight of the blame for the witch trials, but the one who carries the most weight is Abigail Williams. Abigail, a young, “strikingly beautiful” 17 year old girl, analyzes the situation quickly and composes many diverse approaches to accuse others of compacting with the devil. She tries to curse Elizabeth Proctor in the beginning of the play because Elizabeth’s husband, John, does not accept her feelings. Although Abigail created all the accusations, she still threatened the girls to cooperate with her so that she does not get caught. Even during the trial of John Proctor at the end of play, Abigail could have stopped Proctor’s death and many others by confessing to lying and falsely accusing others, but she does not. She threatens and blames the innocent, manipulates others, is vengeful, and uses her beauty as a tool of power. In this play, Abigail uses various methods of manipulation to get what she wants, such as blaming others and even threatening people, which ultimately results in her carrying the most weight of blame.
In the beginning of the play in Act I, Abigail bends the truth so she does not
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Although Danforth did not have any bad intentions in judging his convictions, there are some points in the last act where he seemed to be suspicious of Abigail. This especially shows when he tells Abigail to tell the truth and asks her questions about the poppet incident with Elizabeth and about seeing Mary’s familiar in court as well. Since Danfoth is one of the judges, he could have stopped the trial at any point but he did not. He eventually just ignored all of the evidence and did not want others to question his authority. By doing so, this also leads to the downfall of Proctor and causes the deaths of the many people who are

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