Essay on Abandonment : The Pursuit Of Happyness

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The Pursuit of Happyness Today, the most common thing that people, and especially youth, experience is abandonment. Abandonment is the name for a sociological occurrence that happens when a youth must create their own social networking and answer the hard questions in life by themselves because they feel that others will not help. Abandonment is everywhere in our society. Abandonment is a real issue thatmust be confronted and recognized. The movie, “The Pursuit of Happyness” has many clear examples of abandonment. The storyline of this movie is quite simple but also quite complex. The main character, played by Will smith, has a wife and a son. He also narrates his life in certain parts of the movie. Right away he announces that he first met his dad at age 29 and has vowed to not be that kind of father and to always be there and support his child. He struggles to sell bone density scanners and his family is struggling because of this. His wife leaves him and he chooses to take his son which seems to be the most important thing for him. In order to actually make money, he begins a prestigious internship where only one person can actually get the job. As he attempts to do well on this internship, he losses almost everything. He goes bankrupt and has to live on the streets until he is finally able to sell a bone density scanner. Throughout all of this time he is very busy and is trying to support his son. There are two pieces of abandonment that I find most prevalent. I…

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