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Karlie Krause
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Short Answer
13. Comparing Psychopharmacological Interventions with Psychotherapy in Anxiety Disorders (American Psychological Association, 2011, p.23).
14. 1. A. Life Span Development assigned three, short essays for the quarter, on the third essay I had used a run-on sentence. Specifically, “In order to be successful in this stage, a child must not be impacted by the negative aspects from their previous developmental phases, in addition to having supportive people around them to help them discover their talents and master difficult tasks,” (Crain, 2011).
B. I should break this sentence into two individual sentences. An easy break could occur between “phases” and “in addition”.
C. The American Psychology Association Publication Manual, in section 3.08 Economy of Expression under the Unit Length heading
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To parenthetically cite the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, one would format the citation as such (American Psychiatric Association, 2013).
16. An author should use “that” in a restrictive clause, while the word “which” should be used in a nonrestrictive clause. A restrictive clause can be identified in a statement when the identity of the subject is limited. In contrast, a nonrestrictive clause does not define the subject, but does provide an interesting idea or thought about the subject (American Psychological Association, 2011, p. 83).
17. In conducting research, several factors need to be considered, namely generating viable hypotheses, participating in data collection, and keeping accurate tabulation of results (American Psychological Association, 2011, p. 84).
18. 1. The correction is 4(2) not 4(2). Also, there should be a hyphen in the Journal of Cross Cultural Psychology between “cross” and “cultural” (American Psychological Association, 2011, p. 186). 2. This reference is missing a “Retrieved from” source or a DOI. (American Psychological Association, 2011, p.

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