Essay on A Yellow On Blue Water By Michael Dorris

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A Yellow Raft in Blue Water

A Yellow Raft in Blue Water written by Michael Dorris is a story about three women; the grandmother Ida, the mother Christine and the daughter Rayona. Each woman had their own hardships in their lives; however, they all persevered through these hardships and grew into wonderful and caring women. In the book, A Yellow Raft in Blue Water, the author reflects on the life of all three women and how they dealt with their own life struggles. In life there are people we admire because of their integrity, loyalty and commitment. I admire all three women for these qualities, but the one who struggled the most is Christine. She endured a loveless home life, both as a child as well as an adult. It wasn’t until she was dying that she was able to find her one true love. All she wanted was a family who cared and loved her for who she was. Christine loved and cared for her daughter, Rayona and only wanted the best for her.
Christine was raised by a mother who never showed her a loving and caring home life and she never knew who her father was. Christine and her brother Lee, were raised by a mother who insisted she be called Aunt Ida. Christine didn’t have many friends when she was younger, but didn’t need any since her whole life revolved around Lee, who was her best friend, her confidant and her idol. Growing up, they did everything together and enjoyed life just the two of them. “He was everything to her, until the spring afternoon he saved…

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