A Woman 's Place By New York Essay

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In “A Woman’s Place” New York Magazine explores multiple reasons on why women aren’t very successful chefs in New York. The magazine does this by asking successful chefs that did make it in New York questions about their success as well as why women have it so hard to become a good chef and own restaurants of their own. The seven women that answer these questions include April Bloomfield, Rebecca Charles, Anita Lo, Jody Williams, and Patricia Yeo.
In a “Women and Food Chains” Allen and Sachs claim that although women are working to reconfigure social and economic conditions through food work, few of their efforts focus specifically on improving gender roles. Women have always had a role in the kitchen. Their work with food establish them family members, workers, and even people. Their relationship to food is under three aspects – material, the sociocultural, and the corporeal. The agri-food system is going under major changes but far as gender –relations go so much as yet to change.
Both “Women’s Place” and “Women and Food Chains” talk about women and their role in the food industry. Women as you think as cooks in the household would dominate the food industry as top chefs or even owners of restaurants. You would also think that women would dominate men severely in this domain, but that is not the case men dominate women in the food industry and more men are chefs and own their restaurants. But why is this? In the two readings women and how they socially act and are…

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