A Wife Essay: Why I Want A Wife

Why I Want A Wife
I want a wife because I would like a life partner, and a right hand woman. Someone to support me thought anything and that’s has my back. Just like when I said the day I married her for rich or for poor I will be by your side till the day I die.
I would want a wife just because have someone to wake up next to you every morning for the rest of your life is a privilege not a write. She’s would surprise me with breakfast every morning, even if I no that she’s going to do it, I would still have a surprising face just because someone can love me that much to do such a thing every day. After that I would get up and and brunch my teeth and put my wok cloth on. That she ironed for me and she would get mad, when I do it myself,
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And then we would gladly appreciate her for the food! Doing that I would look into her eyes and not only see the hard work that she’s done for us, but also see the joy and her heart a love for her family that she loves very dearly. After that I would drive the kids to school on my way to work. So that she can get ready herself, as the day goes by I would know that my wife is at work, working for not only herself but for her family as wealth as well. And around lunch time we would meat or she would bring me lunch. And it’s always been a dream of my for my wife to come to my work and from the front desk to call my office and say Mrs. Gustave your wife is on line two or coming write up with lunch. Doing our lunch I would ask her how her day is going, she would probably complain about the project she’s working on an how stressful it is, and I would give great advice on the matter to help her as much as possible to help her get thought her day at work. Or …show more content…
And I would tell her every time that I love her. And later that day her or me, probably I would get the kids from school. And I would help them with their homework while she’s on her way home. And she’s would pass by the market just and case if we need anything. And when she got home she would get dinner ready for the family that she love so much and if the one of the kids got an trouble at school, I would handle that situation, As the husband and the head of the household. and when am done with helping the kids with their homework we all would go take a shower to get ready for dinner. And the kids and I would prepare the table for their beloved mother to bring the food. And before we eat, we would hold hands around the dinner table thing the LORD for our family and the in the great meal that my wife has cooked her us today and to pray for the unfortunate that they mate bless with a meal. And then we would eat. And then we would clean the dishes as a family. I have a model saying that we leave together, we eat together, and we clean together, As one. And after were done the kids probably be watching TV for a little while. While she and I be watching a movie and the other room or having an adult

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