Essay on A Wide Range Of Music

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I admire a wide range of music yet some hip hop music appears to break all the guidelines that characterizes black power. The lack of regard towards women and the idolization of money, drugs, and sex has gone far and beyond the universe of pure craziness and it needs to stopped by those of us who have the strength to talk up for our present and future eras of women and men who are searching for comprehension on being black and proud in America; simply summarizes the quote “I think black men have internalized the messages this [Hip-hop] culture perpetuates which is that women are primarily sex objects and people to be fucked". “Generally speaking black people do not believe that misogyny, and sexism, and violence against women are urgent issues. We still think that racism, police brutality, black male incarceration are the issues we should be concerned about. It is sad to see that people act like there is absolutely nothing wrong with this issues. Some may be aware and some might not be aware. My suggestion to these people is to wake up and realize the seriousness of this situation before it gets out of hand.
“It’s funny when I hear women say, “When these rappers are calling, you know, women bitches and hoes they not talking about me” It’s like “Yo they are talking about you.” If George Bush was to get on national TV and make a speech and he started calling black people niggers would you be like, “I don’t know who George Bush is talking about, but he ain’t talking about…

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