Case Study: Autism And The Pieces To The Puzzle

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Register to read the introduction… For instance whether or not the family has autism in any other branches of its tree can help to determine whether a child may or may not have autism. Aspects of the assessment will vary depending on the child's age, history, and previous evaluations. The history would include the history of the pregnancy and development of the child, marking such milestones as communication and motor skills (i.e. child’s first words or steps), and when thought to be unusual. Doctors will often discuss their medical history, such as possibility of seizures, hearing and visual impairments along with other conditions or syndromes such as fragile X syndrome. Doctors will do this because there is not a specific laboratory test for autism at this point in time. These studies and discussions help in the search for a diagnosis. A test for fragile X syndrome may be given because of its association with autism (KAYUET LIU, 2010). Autistic children are often characterized by repetitive motions such as clapping, hand flapping and rocking back and forth. Some are extremely sensitive to minor noises, scents and pain, and may even throw tantrums for no apparent reason at any given …show more content…
A savant is a person who incredibly excels in a particular area, such as music or math. A person who has autism yet can play a Beethoven sonata after hearing it just once, or can do complex mathematical equations, or tell you whether December 3, 1956, fell on a Tuesday or Wednesday (Whitmer, 2013). Savants may be mentally retarded but they have what is known as a very strong, specific talent (Whitmer, 2013). Savants may also have the ability to focus solely on one specific task, or talent while tuning out their immediate surroundings. The part of their brain that their talent is derived from may be intensified, and used almost too full capacity. Autistic individuals are excellent candidates for computer programming and graphics positions. Because autistics can often exhibit strong talents and are able to focus so well these types of jobs would be greatly beneficial to themselves and their employers. Because of their lack of social skills they are able to focus solely on their work, and the fact that autistic people need a clear-cut plan or goal, like the plans and goals programming offers, helps them overcome the obstacles of life with autism. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 helped produce user-friendly work environments for those with physical impairments (Whitmer, 2013). This act has helped both the disabled and the employer realize the specific needs

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