Essay on A Way to Prevent Drinking and Driving.

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A Way to Prevent Drunk Driving
By SPC Mark A. Wicker

As a member of the military, I believe that my job, money, career plans, and family are far more important than to consume alcohol and get behind the wheel, or handlebars of a vehicle. Although I feel this way, many don’t recognize the dangers and consequences of drinking and driving. We, as in 4th battalion as a whole, pound the consequences of driving drunk in each other’s heads, constantly. I truly believe that until the individual encounters the actual series of events that follow getting a DUI, the person keeps the mentality that it cannot happen to them. Although this isn’t true, it doesn’t change the fact that people have this mentality. The only way to prevent you from
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If he or she chooses to make a dumb decision, and it is truly something they want or need to do, no one can stop them. Eliminating the problem by making the battalion a, “dry” battalion is a totally absurd and unrealistic solution. Desperate situations call for desperate measures. In this case, we are definitely at a standstill. We have tried making people the example. We have tried and implemented team building events that encourage us to make a plan and stick to it. We have had pep talks, one right after another. The bottom line is that none of the above measures seem to have an effect. In all honestly, I am sick of hearing about these DUI cases and sob stories. I’m positively sure that the command is sick of delivering this message time and time again. We all as a whole are sick of hearing about this dilemma. It isn’t our fault that people go out and get DUI’s. It is strictly the individual, or individuals involved in the incident. Yes we can tell a person to make a plan and stick to it. Yes, we can tell him or her to make sure they have the proper numbers and contacts in their phone. All of these procedures can be implied, but is ultimately up to the individual to put these things into affect. When you eliminate the source of the problem, you eliminate the problem. The real source is honestly people who have no regard for the rules or their life in general. Obviously, we do not have the power to identify the individuals who are

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