A Virtual Team Essay

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Behavioral Norms
Establish expectations Due to the fact that the environment of a virtual team has minimal or no in-person interaction, establishing clear and concise communication procedures is key. Not all members may feel the importance of consistence communication therefore, a timeline expectation should be determined. An unwritten expectation is that all members will participate equally within the project and in a timely manner.
Foster collaboration Teams consist of multiple individuals that come together with the purpose of achieving an end goal. In order to create a more fluid environment within the team structure, there needs to be unity within the team. The lines of communication need to be open for all members and efforts need to be made to ensure all voices are heard. If one person, or even more than one, take on a dominant role then the team could be compromised.
Decide on a leadership structure Deciding on the leadership style is aided by outside contributing factors. These factors include facets such as size of team (number of participants), length of project, available resources, and support. Virtual teams can hinder interpersonal interaction which can prevent the team from exhibiting individual strengths. Therefore, granting the leadership role to one individual can be difficult. Although it can vary, having either a rotating leader or leaderless structure can be most efficient. Doing so will help foster collaboration.

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