A University Of Who Am I? Essay

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University of Who Am I?
Introduction and Literary Review Ever since I was little, my mom has repeated little sayings to my brothers and I. One of her favorites was, “You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose.” While this research project is not headed in the direction of nose picking, as I have gotten older, this quote has caused me to reflect on the choices I have made in terms of who I am. If I do indeed hold the power to choose the people who will influence my identity the strongest, why did I not choose those who have allowed me to be authentic until now?
What is authenticity? “Being authentic means something like living in accordance with one’s own unique values and ideals” but it is greater than simply being oneself, it is “resisting the imposition of the values and ideals of others” (Pierce 441) as well. Meaning, authenticity is also neglecting to succumb to the beliefs of others to stay true to one’s own beliefs. However, this does not mean that authenticity is static, “an individual should engage in a process of constructing his personhood…. his task in life becomes searching for his true personhood” (381). This personhood should be a journey of finding oneself, figuring out who one is and what one believes in. Change is okay, but when “their acts are guided by other people’s ideas of who they should be” (379) it leads to inauthenticity because the change is made solely to fit in. All in all, authenticity is based…

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