A Theory Of Child Development Essay

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In this article i’m going to talk about a Theorist named Jean Piaget. He is a theorist of child development. His child development focuses on the ways the children come to know oppose to what they know. He also believes that thinking is different in each stage level. Children naturally attempt to understand things they do not know. Knowledge is gathered gradually during active involvement in real life.

The first stage is the Sensorimotor stage. This stage takes place between the ages of birth and two years. Infants use all their senses to explore and learn. Sensory experiences and motor development promote cognitive development. Baby 's’ physical actions, such as sucking, grasping and hitting, help them learn about their surroundings. The movements are random at first meaning that when it happens it doesn’t mean what you think. Then gradually the movements become intentional as behaviors are repeated. Children begin to learn that objects still exist even when they are not in sight. This is known as object permanence. How you can see if you’re child has developed this is when the child pauses for a moment when playing with a toy, grab the toy move it away from the child and put a sheet over the toy. If the child grabs the sheet off of the toy then you know that they have object permanence. The second stage is the preoperational stage. This stage begins at the ages of two and seven. Children during this stage are very egocentric. This means they assume others see the…

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