Essay about A Technological Cloud Hangs Over Higher Education

2502 Words Jun 27th, 2016 null Page
In “A Technological Cloud Hangs Over Higher Education” author Keith Williams states that technology in the classroom today is totally different than the past. Because there are easier ways to get notes, PowerPoints, and lectures simply by downloading them from the internet. Whereas, before the internet, the student had to actually take notes during class. Williams asserts his statement by giving examples throughout the essay about not having to use hot projectors anymore to do lectures. Also, not having to use an actual textbook, but rather use the internet or an eBook. The author feels that with this new phase of technology it somehow takes away from the interaction between the instructor and student. He proves his thesis statement by saying that the internet and computer have taken the place of the student having to do actual physical work. No longer are errors within, because the computer has corrected our human errors and makes it easier for the student to access the information they need.
While reading this essay I observed that the author was well informed about the subject he was writing about. I thought Mr. Williams wrote a very informative essay. I do not think there were any contradictions in what the author was claiming. Some of the assumptions that the argument is based upon are that the future of technology will lead to easier access to information used in education and classrooms. Another assumption is that the relationship between student and instructor will…

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