A Teacher At School On An Off Day Essay

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The little boy showed up at school on an off day. With no one to take him home, she volunteered. As the boy gripped her hand she led him through the trailer park he lived in and he directed her to his home. When she opened the door, she saw young kids in diapers running around and their mother was sitting in a chair in a drug induced haze. She had no choice but to leave the boy at his home and go back to work. “I still remember that little boy. It was horrifying, to leave those him there and not know if he would be okay,” Peggy Dickman, third grade teacher, recalled about the incident that occurred early on in her teaching career. Dickman has been a teacher at Shepherd Elementary School for 19 years. Before however, she taught at an at risk kindergarten program. That was only one of the many horrifying situations she experienced. “When I first entered teaching I thought I would teach for a while and then become a child counselor. But I learned that I couldn’t separate my professional and work lives. I took that burden home with me and I realized I couldn’t handle that,” Dickman said. She wants to influence students’ lives, Dickman said, by letting her students know that no matter what their home lives are like, when they are with her at school, they are safe and they can learn. Dickman has taught at Shepherd Elementary School for 19 years. Her first 16 included sticky fingers and tying shoelaces as a kindergarten teacher, she now teaches third grade. She cares…

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