A Survival Guide For A Successful College Student Essay

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A Survival Guide for a Successful College Student Imagine a college student sleeping through his alarm clock and missing the first morning class of the day. When he is finally awake, he instantly grabs his bag and laptop before darting out the door in a panic. Suddenly, he pauses as he realizes that his planner and written assignments for the class were still locked away in the room. In less than a minute, he rushes back to his dorm and rummages through his belongings, but realizes that everything may be in his mother 's house. It also comes to the student’s mind that he had forgotten to create a work cited page for the essay that was due today. With these never-ending complications, this college student is apparent to have a struggle in surviving the following semester. A successful student should possess five abilities to survive college: independence, organization, punctuality, academic engagement, and essay mastery.
One major skill that a student must obtain before entering college is independence. To develop as a person, a student should not have to continuously depend on their parents by asking for favors — for example, a student depending on his mother to clean his dorm. This student should take into consideration that he can now clean his room without the presence of his mother. Another skill that a student must be able to do is drive. The student’s parents should not be the one responsible for taking their child to college or anywhere he wishes to go. Wherever the…

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