A Survey Of Students Attending The University Of Michigan Essay

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A survey of students attending the University of Michigan shows that 20 percent of undergraduate women have been touched, kissed, or sexually assaulted without their consent. This staggering statistic has been mentioned in countless news scandals referring to rape allegations at college universities across the country. Although rape is considered to be the primary problem, there are many other violations such as verbal abuse, sexual pressure, and unwarranted touching. Because of these threats, women are fearful to walk alone on campus. Unfortunately, it is challenging to find a reasonable punishment for offenders. Because of this difficulty, many universities have been under scrutiny based upon how they control these issues. Women attending college are becoming more fearful for their safety; therefore, universities must provide security for females on campus.
First, universities must require all incoming freshmen to attend a class teaching appropriate sexual behavior. Traditional classes were initially brief and informational; however, they are ineffective at preventing sexual misconduct from happening on college campuses. Some schools, such as Elon University in North Carolina, are requiring students to take an online course about the ethics of a relationship and the effects of alcohol before they even reach campus. Many other universities are ramping up their programs, where students are required to take a whole course about sexual misconduct. These classes cover a broad…

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