A Summary View Of The Rights Of British America Essay

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Two hundred and forty years ago, America, with all its glory, was just a dream for Jefferson and the people living in the Colonies. Thomas Jefferson is a well-determined, well-educated man who had big dreams for his homeland. During his time, America was suffering a great injustice enforced by Great Britain and its leader Kind George the third. This was also the time the people of the Colonies realized that a people must only declare their loyalty to a government who cares about their needs, and makes legislations as it sees best for the future of the country. Jefferson was first recognized in the eyes of the public as a visionary when his book “A Summary View of the Rights of British America”, which was published without his permission. The book displays Jefferson’s great dreams for the country and his ambition of freeing the colonies from the British Parliament’s authority (Ellis). Jefferson had revolutionary ideas, and was way ahead of his days. He has always seen America as what it is today: a world leading economy that holds a powerful, prestigious status. The people of the colonies, however, failed to realize their own act of tyranny against women and blacks, which displays a selfish way of thinking as they were demanding freedom, yet failing to grant it to their fellow citizens. This Hippocratic way of thinking continues to appear through Americans’ actions today as blacks and other minorities continue to fight to gain complete equality and fair treatment. Jefferson…

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