Essay on A Study On The Coffee

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Section one of the Coffee Book delivers a detailed account on the coffee history. It opens with Islamic legends, which link the coffee bush to Ethiopia from where coffee seeds were collected and cultivated in Yemen. At the beginning, coffee was eaten for energy and medicament before being made a drink by Islamic monks. The authors take the reader on a journey of Coffee drink from the Arab world to Europe and America where coffee houses opened and became meetings places for political and economic interaction. Their emergence transformed the social and political behaviours. The Arabs formed their rituals around coffee beverage, which was considered as a substitute for prohibited alcohol drinks. In Europe, the consecration of coffee beverage by the Pope established coffee as a modern drink. It was not long, however, before coffee engendered antipathy. The beverage was seen as radical, addictive and unhealthy and was forbidden in the Arab peninsula and in Europe for social, political or economic reasons. But the backlash to the enfeebling liquor had the unexpected effect of increasing the popularity of the beverage. Despite the spreading of coffee beverage, the Arabs monopoly of coffee production remained until Dutchmen spirited away smuggled coffee seedlings they cultivated in their Eastern colonies. The French, the British, and the Portuguese followed suit by planting coffee in their tropical colonies. By the eighteen centuries, French Haiti became the pinnacle of coffee…

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