Essay on A Study On Suicide Ideation And Suicide Attempt

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The study on suicide ideation and suicide attempt, which was the thesis of this article focused on the consequences of multiple adverse life experiences, included male and female adolescents at an urban juvenile detention facility in Ohio (Bhatta, Jefferis, Kavadas, Alemagno & Shaffer-King, 2014). The four adverse life events which were the primary focus of the study are: (1) sexual abuse, (2) homelessness, (3) running away, and (4) substance abuse in the family. The authors believe that an in-depth understanding of these risk factors if applied in the screening and intervention process of juveniles can decrease completed suicides.
The context of this article does appear to collaborate the context of chapter 10, Preventing Suicide and Self-Harm in the textbook “Juvenile Corrections.” Both concede that screening methods during the intake process of juveniles needs improvement. It is also apparent that the motivations for teen suicide are similar among adolescents in the general population and those who are detained. Both sources are consistent respecting the contributing adverse life events are sexual abuse, substance abuse, mental illness, abuse within the nuclear family, disabilities or other long term illnesses. Additionally, isolation in the teen general population and those in detention contributes to opportunity exacerbating both suicide ideation and completed suicide. Both conclude that those staff members handling juveniles need more awareness and thorough…

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