A Study On Single Parent Household Essay

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Throughout history single parent households have always existed, whether they were caused by the death of a parent, one of the parents leaving, accidental pregnancy or even divorce. The growth of single family households is constantly growing some studies show that this is because divorce is no longer a taboo idea and is now becoming more and more common in modern day culture. This form of household may be the most dangerous type of family household seeing that the chances of poverty rise in this category (Ruspini 2013).
Research done by Paul Amato, and Alan Booth, have found quite convincing evidence that children still attending school with divorced parents have a high rate of failing in school or having difficulties with academic performance (Amato 1997).
Studies done by Ascock and Demo (1994) show that divorce can have a negative effect on children especially when it comes to adjusting to this new life. They tend to have problems with behavior, and self-acceptance. Many times these children lack platonic relationships with fellow peers. Yet there are cases where the children are able to successfully adjust, without any form of negative effect.

In the case of a Transsexual Households the signature issues that tend to arise, which is the same for both lesbian and gay households, is that taking away either a male figure or a female figure can be detrimental to the childes well- being, and that they tend to put their own…

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