Essay on A Study On Looking Beyond College

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Looking beyond college, there are clear trends in those who graduate from college with STEM degrees and their transition to adulthood. There are several tradition markers of adulthood including working fulltime, marriage, having children, and establishing financial independence. First, there are found to be diverging trends by gender. For marriage and having children, while both men and women are delayed in achieving these milestones typically until after the completion of education, men are found to be married and have children earlier than other college graduates. On the other hand, women who graduate with STEM majors marry and have children later than those women who graduate with other college degrees. Yet, women in business, whose careers are also quite high demand, have patterns similar to males in STEM with marrying and having children earlier than other majors (Han et. al. 2016). A likely culprit behind this phenomenon is the work culture. STEM fields, having long been dominated by men, there are more rigid tradeoffs between work and family and life. And despite roles being more fluid now, much of raising a family is still placed upon women. Therefore, there is more repercussions for a women to have a child and a family while being employed in a STEM field. Thus, many wait longer until they are more established before they start a family. On the other hand, men don’t feel this pressure as strongly. There even has been some suggestion of a “premium” for fathers…

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