A Study On Light Bright Paths Using A Pilot Library Literacy Program For Bradford County

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A Solution for Our Community Light Bright Paths proposes a pilot library literacy program for Bradford County at Starke Public Library. The literacy program will be volunteer-based, but professionally coordinated and administered. The coordination of this program will be professionally maintained by an individual with a Master of Education in Special Education. This specialization will address the needs of those 50 to 80% of adults who are struggling with learning disabilities, as well as providing professional evaluation and teaching plans. Additionally, as technology is becoming a necessity and an asset to our culture, a qualified media specialist will be retained to train students in technology-based learning systems, as well as maintain those technologies. This program will proceed in phases. Phase 1 and 2 will be completed in the first year of operation.
Phase 1 Phase 1 involves solidifying support from the community. We will accomplish this by forming a Literacy Committee consisting of staff from Bradford Union Technical Center and Starke Public Library, as well as community leaders and/or Bradford county officials. The purpose of the committee is to establish boundaries and goals, as well as outreach in the community for volunteer tutors.
Phase 2 Phase 2 will begin after the Literacy Committee is formed, which is estimated to take two months. Phase 2 consists of purchasing the literacy supplies/software, technology, and hiring personnel. This Phase should take…

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