A Streetcar Named Desire Scene Analysis Essay

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On Thursday, December 10th at 7:30pm, a friend and I saw the play A Streetcar Named Desire. This play too place at the UW-La Crosse Center for the Arts and Tennessee Williams created this romantic drama production. The plot of this story takes place in a 1940’s New Orleans setting, in a run down old duplex where actors, Stanley and Stella Kowalski live. The house is really run down and looks as if it is falling apart, however I quite enjoyed the scene. I especially liked how the furniture, fridge, ext. fit the time era bringing you right back to the 1940’s. There are several important characters but I would say the most important are Stanley Kowalski, Stella Kowalski, and Blanche Dubois. The story goes that Blanche has come to help Stella through hard times and wants to catch up with her sister, so she moves in to help take care of things around the house. Stanley is outraged and believes that Blanche is a liar and up to no good. Stanley gets so angry that he turns to domestic abuse on Stella and later sexual …show more content…
One thing I noticed was that as the drama started to build, so did the lighting to give the audience a more clear view for what was really taking place. This scene stood out the most to me because there was so many things going on that it was almost impossible to not be closely examining the situation. This scene also in sense showed everyone’s true colors. Stanley displayed that things always have to go his way or else he will throw a fit. Blanche showed that she truly does care for her sister and wanted her to be with someone better than Stanley that she voiced the next morning. Stella came across as very submissive due to the fact that she forgave and slept with Stanley in the same night that this incident happened. Overall, the cast and production team behind this great play lead to a dramatic and thrilling scene that I will definitely remember for quite a

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