A Strategic Approach On How Learning And Development Can Be Implemented Links

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A strategic approach on how learning and development can be implemented links in to how we think about our future.
An initial focus group could be initiated to review all learning technology and requirements with governance to commence a working group. The aim of the working group could be to elect staff champions with specific key responsibilities.

The following are some characteristics that the working group may explore prior to the implementation plan to ensure that the candidate/s leading this is the best people available in the organisation:
1. Proactive - prepared to take action rather than waiting for others to resolve or fix issues. Consistently looks for better more effective ways of doing things.
2. Questioning - prepared to ask questions to ensure understanding and quality outputs.
3. Positive - consistently looks at the positives in a situation and encourages others to do the same
4. IT Savvy - proficient in IT systems and willing to embrace new ways of doing things
5. Communication - good listening and communication skills. Able to speak in front of a team of peers in a way that is clear and shares the vision.
6. Good relationships throughout the organisation - respected and listened to throughout the faculty. Able to influence and gain buy in of colleagues.
7. Willingness to learn - open to learning new skills.
8. Willingness to teach - prepared to share knowledge wherever possible.
9. Resilience - able to manage setbacks with the minimum of disruption and…

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