A Speech On President Of Student Council Essay

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“Olivia for President!” I chanted through the halls of Bentley Elementary. I felt more proud with every strut. I was running for President of Student Council.

It only took Mrs Sykora three entire days to convince me to run. She told me I would have no problem winning, at the time there was no other candidate. I thought to myself and came to a conclusion. I had this in the bag. Even though I had no opponent, I still thought it was necessary to make posters and inform everyone about their new soon-to-be President. I went home that day and sat my parents down.

“Mom, Dad, I’m going to be President. I’m gonna need poster board, markers, glue, and nice 3 by 5 picture of myself.”

They were confused why their Presidential Candidate’s list sounded more like a back to school shopping errand.

“Oh, the President?” My dad chuckled.

His subtle laugh did not affect me, little did he know his daughter was going to accomplish wonderful, impressive things no other fifth grader were capable of.

My parents drove me to the store and I picked out the coolest gel pens and markers. My eyes lit up like the Time’s Square Christmas tree, I was more than anxious to create my poster. It was a Sunday night when I started my endeavor. My mom strictly enforced my bedtime; she suggested that I continue my poster making after school on Monday.

Monday morning I sat down on my favorite bus seat, I knew it was going to be a great day. We pulled around the bus loop;…

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