A Soldier 's Story Based On A Book By Charles Fuller Essay

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In the film A Soldier’s Story based on a book written by Charles Fuller, Sargent Waters, a character in the film and the story is a hard boiled man with a savior complex. He has character traits similar to another man with the same problems. That man is Adolf Hitler, the chancellor of Germany during World War II. Adolf Hitler’s destructive path started with the results of World War I. The war had many ramifications such as 16 million people who died worldwide but what fueled the flame for the second World War was the deal that was struck with Germany. The effects of WWI were unlike anything that the world has ever seen and so a meeting between the leaders of England, France, Italy, and the United States. The meeting that brought these leaders forth was The Treaty of Versailles. The very purpose of the treaty was to make sure that Germany would pay for everything that took part in WWI. The treaty’s main points would insure that Germany would assume responsibility for WWI, the country would only be allowed to have a small army in which they were allowed 6 naval tanks but, Germany wouldn’t be allowed to have tanks nor an air force, they would be forced pay 6,600 million pounds, as well as have certain territories taken away. The treaty essentially made Germany a shadow of its former self. Since Germany economy had been very poor before the events of WWI, the German people couldn’t afford the terms requested by the treaty. The German people elected Adolf Hitler to lead them…

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