Essay on A Social Problem Of Drug Usage

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A social problem that is present in our current society would be drug usage. Drug usage is a common social problem that affects a tremendous amount of people on a daily basis. It is considered to be a problem because it intervenes with the drug user’s life as well as anyone else around that person’s life. As a drug user, that person’s reality is now wrapped around the drug. A drug abuser’s life is now socially reconstructed around that drug, leading to his entire reality to change dramatically. When a person chooses to engage in any type of drug abuse, the concept of symbolic interactionism comes into play; specifically the principle of the use of meaning once derived. According to this principle, a person’s interactions are needed to guide behavior based on that interaction. This principle relates to the drug usage problem in the sense that a person could have had a horrible day filled with completely devastating interactions, so to deal with all the bad interactions he turns to drugs to feel better. Based on the interactions that the person underwent during that day, he was able to guide his responsive behavior by turning to drugs as an escape from that horrible day. The usage of drugs can eventually become addictive, making it nearly impossible for the person to quit doing it. Not only that, but the person’s daily life can take a turn for the worst.
Unfortunately, many people who undergo horrific interactions with others or themselves often times respond and act upon…

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