A Social Norm Of The Criminal Justice System That Impacts The Sentencing Of Perpetrators

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Literature Review
Theoretical Orientation Living in a society where victim blaming in rape cases has become a social norm when exploring rape culture as a whole. Focusing primarily on victim blaming, research can provide evidence of inequalities in the criminal justice system that impacts the sentencing of perpetrators. Common aspects seem from victim blaming is creditable of the victim, perpetrator’s race, and/or class, and patriarchy has all influence sentencing in regards to the guilty party. In fact, cultures of patriarchy have shown “higher level of female sociopolitical power tended to experience higher rates of rape and the lower proportion of rape cases cleared by arrest” (Johnson, 2014). As well as, when “female involvement increased in legal, political, economic in communities, it only lead to higher rates of rape” (Johnson, 2014). Several theories by scholars have demonstrated the occurrence of victim blaming to the above mention common aspects. The first theory Just World Theory (Van der Bruggen & Grubb, 2014; Grubb & Harrower, 2008; Sleath & Bull, 2010) states “that people perceive the world to be a fair place where individuals deserve what they get and get what they deserve”(Van der Bruggen & Grubb, 2014, p.524). In regards to blaming rape victims, a judge and or jury can have a mindset of this theory “assuming that they deserve their misfortune, which gives people a sense of control, order, and justice”(Van der Bruggen & Grubb, 2014, p.524). Leading to the…

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