A Single Man By Christopher Isherwood Essay

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In the novel, A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood, it tells the story of a man who lives in Southern California during the 1960s. George is an english professor that teaches at a university and lives in a nice, cozy house that he shares with his partner named Jim. However, Jim has passed away from a tragic car accident that kills him instantly. This leaves George in a very difficult and uncomfortable situation. He must go on with his life without Jim and continue to work, socialize with others, and take care of himself. George has a hard time dealing with the grief and hides it in public when he is working or in public running errands. The 1960s is a very difficult time to live in for George because he is hiding the fact that he is a homosexual. Homosexuality back in the 1960s was illegal and had very serious consequences, so George did everything in his power to hide it in public. Since George was living in the time period of the 1960s it has affected his ability to open up to other people about his personal problems such as, difficulty fitting in society, his grief for Jim, and showing his true identity to others.

The laws and attitudes of the anti-gay society during the 1960s has had such a significant impact on people like George. Most homosexuals would often hide their identities or avoid going out because of the horrible judgement they would receive. “The fear of being “outed” was real. Families, careers, and reputations could be destroyed” ( 2006, “In 1960s…

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