Analysis Of The Seeker: A Narrative Fiction

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“Seeker, what have you seen?” the King asks in a serious tone.
The Seeker lifts back his hood. His eyes begin to glow. He stood briefly in a trance with a peaceful look on his face that was misleading from the words that he spoke. “Your majesty, the Shadow is indeed alive…but not for long.”
“Is this what you told, Prince Gabriel?”
The Seeker turns his head to Gabriel, flashing him an odd look.
“Seeker!” the king yells, bringing his attention back to him. “Did you speak to my brother before me? Did you share this prophecy with him?”
The tension in the room was thick enough to choke eight large Pacas to death.
The Seeker slowly spoke, in a low pitch tone, as though he was picking and choosing his words carefully. “I conversed with Prince Gabriel,
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“You should have the Devine take a look at your neck.”
Gabriel shakes his head, disregarding his brother and uncle. He suddenly catches a glimpse of the King, speaking with a terrified look in his eyes.
The king notices, and instructs the Kingsman to close the doors.
Gabriel looks back to Cipher. “I thought you were the last to leave.”
“I was.”
“Gabriel, what’s wrong?”
“I cannot shake this uneasy feeling that something is wrong with Robert,” he tells them. “Doesn’t he seem dangerously unstable to you? As if we were to turn our backs to him, he’ll plunge a dagger into it.”
“Don’t you think those words are a little dramatic?”
“Coming from the one that always takes his side?”
“I’m not taking his side. Your brother is going through something, and once the dust has settled, he’ll be back to his lively self.”
“No, dear uncle, my brother has lost his sanity, and I am the only one that wants to admit it.”
“Watch your tongue,” Cipher snaps, briefly looking around to ensure no one has heard Gabriel’s words. “Never speak ill of your King.” Gabriel knew with his uncle, he was not going to make him see reason when it comes to Robert-in his eyes-his favorite. “Little brother, tell me you

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