A Short Story Of Brenda Johnson

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Haven’t we all that had that special person in our life? Someone who takes care of us, spoils us, and good for us. A person who is like second mother but a person that you could tell stuff that you always tell you mother. Well Brenda Johnson was that type of person to me and I’m going to tell her story.
On May 5th, 1973 Brenda Johnson was born. She lived with her grandmother and grandfather because her mother had died in a terrible car accident and her father had to Texas and never tried to contact the family. Brenda grew up around her grandfather so she turned out to be just like him in a good way. Brenda was a very social girl who had a lot of friends. She was always nice and sweet to everyone, everyone wanted to around her. When she was
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Her father, Dale didn’t even care about her or had never before been in her life he just wanted to stop paying child support. So Brenda out of school she was doing so well in to Ruston. Her father at first had a stabled home but after he lost his job they had to go and move to the projects. Brenda was now a freshman in high school when all of this happened. While living she was exposed to more dangerous things, she saw drugs, prostitution, and gang violence. Brenda soon fell in those type of action, she was in high school, She thought she was grown. Not listening to her father or even her grandparents when she came home. She was being involved in fights and gang activity at school. Even her grade were dropping she went from A’s and B’s to now C’s, D’s and even sometimes F’s. Her father finally realized ,when she was going into her senior year, that moving her in with him was not the best idea for her future. Now Dale had to make a decision about whether the daughter who he now loves and cares for should stay with him or should she move back home. His decision was to move her back …show more content…
But after a while of beefing the two became friends again. Now Brenda was doing better in school, had gotten a A honor roll through out her senior year. She still kept in touch with her Dad and he came to see her graduate. After graduation the, “two peas in a pot” as her grandfather says, decided that they bother wanted to go to college at Louisiana Tech and they both got accepted. After the 4 years of college the two graduated together both had there on family. When Boo had her last child on May 18, 2000 Brenda was there and when the doctors gave the baby to Boo she gave him to Brenda and said “ You are the God Mother”. Brenda there in so much shock didn’t know what to do. Brenda cared for the child as if he was one of her own. She bought him anything she wanted anytime he wanted it. She spoiled

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