A Short Note On The And The Smartphone Essay

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Technology has gracefully interlaced itself with citizens of today 's society it can almost be seen as an extension of our own bodies. Many examples such: as the desktop, laptop, tablet, Kindle and smartphones are tools that have made everyday life easier; each of these items are becoming more than just tools, and more like friends we can rely upon. In fact, scholars who are reading this essay are probably holstering the most used of these technologies- the smartphone. A smartphone is defined as a mobile device that is capable of accessing the Internet and downloading applications, it normally contains an operating system which makes this device just as powerful as desktop computers. The difference between the desktop and the smartphone is anywhere the user goes the smartphone is sure to follow. Common purposes for this device are to access Internet, instant message friends, and fill in free time. Many find themselves engaged with their phones at all times of the day and search for the ability of comfort it provides in times of inquiry, boredom and curiosity. It is when the smartphone fulfills these gaps that are questionable. Staff, students and scholars alike are relying on this device far too much. Overuse of these technologies has risen to question new dependability issues, addiction, and phobias.
According to Pews research study as of January 2014: 90 percent of Americans own a cellular device and of that 90 percent 58 percent own a smartphone. That means 2 in every 3…

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