A Short Note On Nurses And Surgical Technicians Essay

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During my preoperative experience I noticed many safety checks were in place, not only for the patient, but also for the doctors, nurses, and surgical technicians. Upon entering the room during my perioperative experience, I immediately noticed steps in place that were being utilized to protect everyone within the room. All of the instruments were sterile. Nurses and surgical technicians were counting down to the very last suture to make sure all of the supplies were present. Everything touching the patient or being used during the procedure for the patient was sterile and if the items were accidentally contaminated, then more sterile gloves were put on to preserve the sterile field that had been broken. Before the doctor arrived to the unit the nurses and surgical technicians worked together to make sure the doctor was ready and had everything that was needed for the surgery. Before the patient even arrived to the room, the informed consent would have already been signed. Next, the doctor, anesthesiologist, and nurse all went to talk to the patient to ensure that the patient could “tell me in your own words what you are having done today” and from that point the nurse would complete her assessment; thus, patient trust had been established from the beginning.
Before an incision was made on the patient, the nurse called a timeout. It is the nurse’s responsibility to make sure that the correct patient is present, that the right body part is prepared to be operated on, and…

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