A Short Note On Multi Station And Multi Sensor Information Sources From Goes And Poes Satellites

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Diverse sorts of flooding have diverse attributes as for the season of event, the extent, recurrence, length, stream speed and the areal expansion. Numerous variables assume a part in the event of flooding, for example, the power and length of precipitation, snowmelt, deforestation, arrive utilize rehearses, sedimentation in riverbeds, and regular or man made deterrents. In the assessment of surge hazard, the accompanying parameters ought to be considered: profundity of water amid surge, the term of surge, the stream speed, the rate of rise and decrease, and the recurrence of event. Satellite information has been effectively and operationally utilized as a part of most periods of surge disaster management (CEOS, 1999).

Multi station and multi sensor information sources from GOES and POES satellites are utilized for meteorological assessment, elucidation, approval, and absorption into numerical climate expectation models to evaluate hydrological and hydro geographical dangers (Barrett, 1996). Quantitative precipitation estimates (QPE) and Quantitative precipitation Forecasts (QPF) utilize satellite information as one wellspring of data to encourage surge figures keeping in mind the end goal to give early notices of surge risk to groups. Earth perception satellites can be utilized as a part of the period of disaster avoidance, by mapping geomorphologic components, verifiable occasions and consecutive immersion stages, including span, profundity of immersion, and…

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