A Short Note On Financial Planning Essay

701 Words Aug 4th, 2016 3 Pages
As humans, we all have financial needs, but each individual financial objective might be different in terms of their circumstance, purpose, goals and viewpoint. In order to manage your finance the correct way you must develop a system that discipline and maintain good financial habits. We all have bad debts in our lives at one point or another that must be paid; this can include, mortgages, car notes, educational loans etc. These debts can be noble in its infancy, but no less of a burden on your income compares to any other expense as time progresses. Getting rid of debts allows you to have complete control when it comes to your income.

Financial planning is the road map that will allow you to have more money for savings and investments as well as spending. We all know that women financial needs are always different from men and identifying those steps will lead to financial independence. At this point in my life I do have a short and long term financial goals that I must clarify and notate. I must also understand my financial needs and see how much currency is available to achieve my short term goal.

How much capital do I have to put aside for my short term goal? I think categorizing each goal I want to accomplish and developing a financial strategy which addresses all financial needs will clearly benefit. I must also position a concrete and realistic goal, pursue and track any progress, because the recipe for success is fulfilling all my financial needs.


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