A Short Note On Beta Test Of Rubbertech Purifier Essay

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Intro RubberTech’s beta tests of RubberTech Purifier (RTP) reveal it to be an impressive and cost effective product. However, before launching RTP, RubberTech must develop a complete marketing strategy for the product. RT must also ensure profitability over the next two years as investors are due their returns.
Thirty Thousand Foot View RT must assess the needs and desires of its customer. Current means of RSS processing are inefficient. This inefficiency results in a lack of standardized work. Plantations require consistency in the work force, standardization and efficiency of labor. RT’s machine meets the needs and desires of its customer. RTP utilizes computer processing, as well as additional technologies to offer consistent and efficient production. RT also provides support for the plantations through its salesmen and tech representatives. The costs that RT incurs are its annual operations, the annual tradeshow, COGS and potential advertising. RT does not have any direct competition. Its closest competitor is from India. However, this competitor’s product is not as efficient when comparing labor costs and output between the two. RT’s most significant competition is the traditional means of purifying rubber in the RSS industry.
Ten Thousand Foot View We recommend that RT segment its product by plantation size. RT should consider the productivity and output per plantation of each segment. The large and medium plantations account for 65% of the output for the industry.…

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