Essay A Serious Side Effect Of Large Scale Trauma

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Psychological trauma is not a tangible damage, it is a damage of the mind, and one that can persist throughout short to extended periods of time. Trauma can affect at different levels, at an individual of course, but also at a widespread socio-cultural one, a trauma that resides in the collective consciousness of a people, as exemplified by the effects on the Irish people due to the great famine. Significant trauma can cause a great degree of mental anguish, distress, fear and general hardship which can pervade much to just about all of a single person or an entire people’s lives. A serious side effect of large scale trauma is how it can alter a person or country’s perception of themselves, the world around them, and also how others see them, this is especially true of a place like Ireland which grew out of a deeply rooted shame culture. The Irish people went through many traumas throughout the colonial era at the hands of the British Empire, be it through Cromwell, through 1798 and especially through The Great Famine. The effects of these shameful and stressful feelings can vary dependent upon how one chooses to remember the trauma, or how they choose to forget it. The most accessible way for many people to express and cope with these negative feelings is through song and dance. Since many of the horrors of such a disruptive social event as the Great Famine are unspeakable it seems to be a logical outlet since the arts are all about transmuting emotion into another form.…

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