Essay about A Sample Case Study Of A Young Somali Refugee

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The writers of this article, Mark Earnest and Barbara Brandt from the University of Colorado and the University of Minnesota, describe partnerships between Universities, medical clinics, and communities which allow medical students of varying disciplines to rotate through community clinics for preceptorships. This system which integrates acute care, ambulatory clinics, transitional care units, patient-centered homes, and community settings encourages students to step outside of their own discipline and work collaboratively with students of other disciplines as well as with community members. There are multiple goals of the program. While improving patient care, population health, and reducing per capita costs, this hybrid learning opportunity produces graduates who are better prepared than their predecessors to successfully reach for the “Triple Aim” goal, a term coined by the Institute for Health Care Improvement which encompasses the goals of improving patient care experience and population health, and reducing costs. To illustrate this concept, the writers introduce a sample case study of a young Somali refugee, Amina, who battles juvenile onset diabetes. She tests her glucose level in her apartment and the results are sent electronically to the clinic. Once her medical team receives the alert that her glucose level is elevated, they meet and begin to develop a plan to help Amina get her glucose level back in line. They then set the plan in motion involving the…

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