A Rose For Emily By William Faulkner Essay

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On most occasions In order for the reader to understand what the writer is trying to say the writer needs to use different symbols to represent it in a more understanding way for the reader. For example, a dove it is a symbol of peace where there’s a dove there is also peace, and red roses stand for love and romance like when someone gives a rose to another person it shows feelings. Also black is a symbol of death or evil when a person wears the color black it can be because of a death like the loss of a love one. A ladder stands as a symbol of a connection between heaven and earth. If you take the ladder it takes you to heaven. That is how symbolism makes something the writers is trying to say more understanding for the reader in a simple easy way.
In this non-fiction novel “A Rose for Emily” from 1931 by William Faulkner. a young woman named Emily lives with her father who is a very possessive man he never allows her to date any guy she met and especially not get married. Any guy that wanted to meet Emily her dad rejected him because he thought no man was ever good enough for his daughter. Later her dad eventually passes away and Emily is so hurt that she keeps her father’s body for two days in the house until they took it away from her. She was very hurt because it was the only man she had ever loved in her life and her only companion in the big lonely house.
Then Miss Emily cuts her hair to appear younger and attractive. As months pass Emily’s home smells like dead…

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