A Rose For Emily And The Story Of An Hour Theme

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“The Making of a Short Story”
Every story that you read, weather it is sad and makes one put things in a whole new perspective or a story with a happy ever ending that makes one feel like they never have before has some sort of theme. There a many important factors in any short story, all the way from the smallest details that can easily be read over without any thought at all, to the overall conclusion and lesson one learns at the end of the story but the theme is something much broader. The theme is the whole story pulled together in a way that almost teaches the reader a lesson. Although "A Rose for Emily" and "The Story of an Hour," share one common theme, they also have various themes as well. The main theme in both stories would
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Escape would have been the theme when it talks about her wanting to escape the abusing from her father because she was tired of him treating her the way that he did and she was ready to escape the torture even if it meant killing him. Fear is another good example of a minor theme because Emily feared Homer would leave her so she would do anything that she felt was necessary to put a stop to him leaving her alone. Lastly, jealousy could play a part in the short story as well because Emily was a very jealous women when it came to Homer being out of her sight when he visited the bar and going back to fear, she feared of being …show more content…
Where as some stories may have only one theme, others can have many, especially when one is comparing the stories to one another. Another article read the the theme is the moral of the story. I think that could go either way as well because the theme is about what the story represents and what it teaches the reader, but with these particular stories I do not think the theme is teaching a moral, but that is not to say that another particular story does not teach some sort of lesson to the group of readers. With these two opinions being stated, every reader or writer could feel like theme has different

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