The Money Short Story Analysis

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A theme can always change and make so much impact on a person’s life it just depends on the person behind the words. Stories can have the same theme, but they have different influences on the person reading them. Many things can differentiate stories which have the same theme such as writing style, mood, wording and much more. Most stories don’t have the same emotion because of the different reasons why each one was written. A numerous amount of stories can be written based off of the theme of family and relationships and three disparate authors take us on a journey with their poetry and story to show us we can explore the same theme within completely independent stories.
In the short story “The Money” written by Junot Diaz he gives a narrative
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For instance, In Diaz’s story his is about the robbery that saddened his mother but in the poem from Mirikitani hers is about the pressures the Asian-American community have on education. Additionally, in the poem by brooks it’s comparing the way the lives of two different African American women turned out once they grew up. The stories all contain the same theme of family, but they each have different topics that go from suicide to robbery. Also, within Mirikitani’s poem she has her point go across with the emotion and words she uses that can relate to other people in the world and it is very impactful compare to the story written by Diaz which had humor in my opinion such as this part “slid open the bathroom window, and in broad daylight wriggled my skinny ass in.” Mirikitani’s poem adds emotions when these words are repeated constantly “not strong enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough” and these words can be so relatable to many people because at one point we have felt like that and it’s despairing to know people still feel like …show more content…
Both poems are different because of the stories said within them. In Mirikitani’s poem it’s taking the form of a suicide note to her parents because she couldn’t achieve the grade point average they wanted her to have and she expresses how she feels by these pressures. However; in Brooks poem it’s just comparing and contrasting the two lives of two women and while this story is playing on the theme of family relationship it’s the opposite of the other poem whereas instead of having it be about suicide it’s about living and struggling through troubles of African American women that some can have their education while others stay at home and don’t get the opportunity because of their skin color. Thus, if these poems were analyzed one could simply see the difference within both because of how divergent the topics within them are. Both have different main topics that create their poems of family relationships with their topics of suicide, education, and living with the struggles of being an African american

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