A Review Of The Anthem Cyber Attack Essay

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A Review of the Anthem Cyber Attack Though Anthem’s database was compromised on December 10, 2014, it was not discovered until January 27, 2015. This discovery was only made due to a database administrator who found a query that was using their credentials without permission. Approximately eighty million records were compromised, including both current and former members. Placing them third in cyber security breach with records exposed with Experian and eBay placing first and second. Social Security, names, birth dates and other personal information’s were accessed but credit cards and medical information were not targeted. The main tactic that caused Anthems problem remains unclear naming it a sophisticated attack but ideas circle around phishing and session hacking. Since Anthems security breach is still fresh many questions cannot be answered, however, this was not the first medical insurer to be hacked. Using these past breaches, Anthem can get a better idea of their situation.
Relevant Facts
The reason for the attack still remains unclear seeing as only Social Security, names and birth date were stolen, whereas credit cards and medical records were left alone. The FBI is still investigating the situation but no evidence of Anthem member’s data being used for fraudulent activities. So far what is clear, the attacker wanted information. Suspicion falls on Chinese hackers called Deep Panda for the breach. No complete proof that this was their wrongdoing except for…

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