A Research Study On Medical Testing Essay

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Unknown #380 was identified as Serratia liquefaciens and this information was received from the patient, Doris. This unknown is a part of the Serratia genus according to Brown’s Microbiological Application1, is a gram-negative rods that are usually found in the digestive tract.
The data was gathered by isolating the organism and various tests were carried out, and observations from scientific literature were used to affirm that the organism is S. liquefaciens. Most of the tests carried out included cultural characteristics tests, morphological, oxidative and fermentative reactions, hydrolytic and degradative reactions, and multiple test media. Different situations might have attributed to the lack of variability. First of all, after the optimum temperature was said to be 37 degrees Celsius for the incubation period, all of the medias was stored at this very temperature. Secondly, there was no observed contamination for the tests. The controls however were inoculated using the appropriate techniques and displayed the appropriate as well as the expected results. Finally, the inoculation was carried out to encourage the presence of individual colonies using aseptic technique of course without flaming the loop or needle.
After carrying out the morphological characteristics tests, the results displayed showed that the bacteria is motile in nutrient agar due to the presence of growth on the agar, and this information is later confirmed in the SIM agar test. The observations…

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