A Research Study On Intergenerational Bullying Essay example

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This research paper focuses on intergenerational bullying. Intergenerational bullying is how bullying is affected among different generations. Many readers might think that bullying has nothing to do with family, but in reality bullying has a lot to do with family. This paper specifically focuses more on how bullying occurs within a family, and how that bullying behavior is passed down to the children. Questions that will be addressed in the research paper will be how does a family’s history affect a child in the future? Since family is a huge factor there will be a lot of analysis on the different family types and parenting skills. A big question that is discussed in this research paper is why does intergenerational bullying exist among families. Regarding that question, there are real life examples that are provided all throughout the research paper. There have been many cases where there has been brutality within a family. In a regular household, many women and children experience violence. Family cruelty has existed for many years, and will exist for a long time. So what exactly is family bullying? Family bullying is in a form of domestic violence. This domestic violence can happen among anyone in a family such as children and sibling, parents and children, and a married couple. The most common one we see happens between children and siblings, but that depends on the parenting style. Typically, in a family there is one member that wants full control of…

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