Essay on A Research Study On Human Behavior

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ECE 499 Assignment 3
Closely fit the substantiative area in which would be used, it must be readily understandable by laymen concerned in the area and sufficiently general so that it is applicable to a multitude of diverse daily situations within the substantive area , not just a specific type of situation (Glasser and Strauss 1967, p.237)
When we refer to people’s consciousness we are concerned with what takes place- in terms of thinking and acting within us. These subjective states refer to our “inner” world of experiences rather than the world out there….our central interest as researchers is now focused upon people’s understandings and interpretations of their social environments (May, 1993, p.8)
Researchers re-intpret the interpretations of their subjects and needs us to probe our intentionality.
May (1993) discusses that humans act intentionally ……if human behaviours are to be effectively understood they must be recognised as intentional and thus what people believe themselves to be doing must be a part of researching what is happening. The term intpretative is used when what a researcher is trying to do is to answer questions by producing an intpretation of how those people whose actions are being studied themselves to intpret these actions. (p.104)
Qualitative inquiry places a high premium on the unique, on the exploitation of the researcher’s unique strengths rather than on standardization and on uniformity. Investigators will do things in ways which…

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