A Research Study On Genetically Modified Foods Essay

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Genetically Modified Foods refers to plants which are produced by both animal and human consumption through the use of the modern molecular biology techniques. The plants have been changed in the laboratory so as to enhance the preferred features like better nutritional content or raise resistance to herbicides (Arvanitoyannis and Krystallis, 2005). The modification of the desired features has traditionally been carried out through breeding, but some of the breeding methods like conventional plant breeding consume a lot of time and therefore not accurate. On the contrary, genetic engineering can modify plants which have exactly the desired features very fast and accurately. Therefore, this paper aims at describing the background and underlying issues of genetically modified foods.
In the recent years, there have been various arguments which have been raised regarding the genetically engineered foods. Various public interest groups and the European Environmental organizations have been protesting against these foods and have created awareness to the public about their effects. These foods have various advantages and disadvantages. Most people prefer the GMOs since they can be able to feed the huge population throughout the world. Considering that the world’s population is increasing at a very high rate, there is expected to be a challenge of supplying adequate food shortly. Biotechnology is the only trusted way since more food can be produced in a small piece of land in a…

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