A Research Study On Child Clinical Psychology Essay

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Child Clinical Psychology
Rionnah L. O’Neal
Texas A&M University - Commerce

Author Note
This document was prepared for Aspects of Psychology (Psychology 214), Section 01W, taught by Professor Shirley Allen-Craun.
This paper was constructed for an Aspects of Psychology course that outlines the different career paths you can take with a degree in Psychology. This report covers what a child clinical psychologist is, some of the skills that may be beneficial in the career, the steps it takes to get educated and licensed, and where I may be willing to work after graduation. These are my own thoughts and ideas about why I chose this career field and where I want it to take me. Becoming a clinical psychologist has at most many emotional tolls that it may take, but with complete knowledge and disclosure on what may happen, it can be regarded as just another expense on making the world a better place.
Keywords: child clinical psychology, psychologist, Ph.D, Psy.D, license, graduate school

Child Clinical Psychology
Clinical psychology is a field that comprises the assimilation of theory, science, as well as practice in order to gain understanding prevent, and/or assuage discomforts or instabilities in everyday life as well as crises. It focuses primarily on promoting psychological well-being and optimal functioning by interfering at emotional, mental, biological, psychological, social, and behavioral facets of individual performance. Child clinical psychologist do…

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