A Research Study Of Research Essay

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Some may believe the purpose of research is to have an activity to add to a resume to impress future employers, but I believe it is much more than that. Research provides you the opportunity to develop a greater understanding in a specific topic within your field, learn about your field through hands-on interaction, make a deep personal connection with a professor, develop a balance between personal and collaborative work, and develop skills to make you a better team member. These are the reasons I’m pursuing a position on a Professor Muriel’s research team. Her research is in an aspect of the field that I’m supremely interested in, supply chain management.
Exposure to this field in greater depth will allow me to learn through my experiences before learning the material in classes. This will provide me academic benefit as I will have a deeper understanding of the material and its applications before learning it in class. Another academic benefit is this pre-existing understanding of the material will help me to think critically about the material provided. This will also help me know what in the field I find particularly interesting and allow me to pick classes that best suit my interests. These courses will help me to develop the strongest background in the field I plan to work in, which will prepare me best for the industry I eventually work in.
Hands-on experience is invaluable and irreplaceable in industry, and research provides me with an opportunity for this…

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