Essay on A Research Report On Conglomerate Inc.

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Conglomerate Inc. has teamed up with a PC manufacturer to create, produce and market a product that combines a Personal Digital Assistant (PCA) with a “smart” mobile phone. This new and innovative device will be called ConneCtor.

This report utilizes an excel software to run an analysis on the date collected and group the findings into appropriate clusters. From there, a specific cluster is identified as the ‘target’ cluster for the company to market the ConneCtor to.

This report highlights the benefits and concerns of the software utilized as well as allows for identification of the next steps for the development and marketing of ConneCtor.

This report is a summary of the information collected from the survey conducted by a hired market research firm and analysis and explanation of the results to answer six key questions.

This yields a conclusion that there are five distinct segments shown in the dedogram above. These segments are distinct as the amount of information lost after the fifth segment peaks with the amount of information lost increasing as the number of clusters increases. In terms of characteristics within the nine clusters displayed above, none of the clusters show significant difference from the mean.

Cluster 1 – Indistinctive – This cluster does not display any characteristics that are significantly different from the mean.
Cluster 2 – Plain at a Premium – This cluster displays a high willingness to pay a higher price as the only significant…

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