A Research On Twin Behavior Essay

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Twin Behavior: Intervening
60 to 80 percent of children entering into foster care have at some time been abused or neglected because of various types of familial substance abuse. It has been noted that “violence among drug/alcohol using adults is common and frequently observed by young children” (Dore, Nelson-Zlupko, & Kaufmann, 1999/1999, para. 9). Children who have gone through the arena of family violence most times enter school showing cognitive delays, decreased attention spans, problems with their concentration, also along with various types of emotional and behavioral problems. In the article I researched it states, “we developed and tested a group intervention that could be readily applied in elementary schools and other community agencies where children 's access to services is not dependent on parental attendance in drug/alcohol treatment” (Dore et al., 1999/1999, para. 25). This article also states, “Outcome studies indicate that structured, time-limited psycho-educational groups are effective in addressing related psychosocial problems of early school-age children, such as aggression (Eargle, Guerra, Sr. Tolan, 1994), poor social skills (MacLennan, 1994), disruptive behavior in the classroom (Bilides, 1992), and sexual abuse (Hack, Osachuk, & DeLuca, 1994)” (Dore et al., 1999/1999, para. 26).
In reviewing ways of supportive approaches these are some suggestion I have along with some found on the web.
 Implement a buddy system for latency-aged children, (check…

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